The State of Vermont requires that all Driver Education Courses contain a minimum of thirty (30) class hours and six (6) hours of actual driving time.  Therefore, attendance at all sessions are required.

If for any reason you cannot make a session, you must notify the school in advance of that session.  For excused absences, up to a total of two (2) hours, arrangements will be made for a make up of the class at no extra charge.

Anytime over the two (2) hours, but not more than five (5) hours,students will be allowed to make up class at an additional cost of $35.00 per hour.

Any student in excess of five (5) hours of absence will be dropped from thecourse. In any event, neither absences nor your removal from the class will give you the right to expect the refund of any tuition amount.

There is no guarantee that you will pass either this course or the State of Vermont Driver’s License exam, but upon the satisfactory completion of the course, the school will so certify to the State of Vermont DMV.

We are authorized but not obligated to administer the DMV test to secure the license once the student is eligible.

We do require the student take a refresher lesson at a cost of $36.00 if the time between the last driving session of the course and the time of the DMV test exceed 90 days.

The cost for the entire session is $550.00, which may be paid at any time but must be paid in full no later than the first evening or class.  Please call us if you would like to make other payment arrangements.

The State of Vermont Graduated Driver License Program requires that drivers have at least forty (40) hours of driving experience prior to the road examination.

Please be advised that the student enrolled in this class will receive the State of Vermont required six (6) hours of Behind the Wheel instruction, therefore it is imperative that they receive extra practice at home.

Upon completion of the driving, the students must be able to perform basic driving tasks in order to pass the course.  If the student successfully passes the classroom phase but does not successfully complete the driving phase, I will hold their Driver Education certificate for a period of 180 days.

During this period of time, the student should receive additional practice in order to meet the requirements and thus receive a passing grade for the entire course.

If you desire, I can provide extra private driving lessons, which at present, would cost $36.00 for 45 min & $48.00 an hour. When the student returns for a retest (after gaining more experience with a qualified instructor or me) they will be charged $36.00 for each reevaluation.

I will retest only twice.  If they cannot pass after the second retest, I will return their card to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  At this time, the student will be recorded as having an incomplete for the course.

From that point, the student will be required to take the entire six (6) hours of Behind the Wheel instruction again.  With this in mind, I would encourage that the student receive as much practice at home as possible to supplement the instruction that I will be giving.